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Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise known as VOIP, works by converting analog voice calls into digital information delivered over the Internet itself.

Regular phone systems use what is called circuit-switched telephony. This works by setting up a singular channel between two points for the call to take place and utilizes copper wires. In contrast to this, VOIP uses what is known as packet-switched telephony that compresses countless individual packets and sends them through the Internet.

This technology increases efficiency of data transfer, being the voice call, and is generally a far superior system. You will receive a vast variety of benefits upon transferring to VOIP and though some may be hesitant to do so, there really is no need to be.


The most apparent difference between VOIP and traditional phone technology is cost. Not only is VOIP considerably cheaper, a typical VOIP solution can save your business around 35% on calls. Traditional operators today are offering a plethora of cheaper calling services however they will never really be able to match VOIP rates, let alone beat them.

This has very little to do with the phone company at hand but is rather a simple issue with the technology itself. Simply put, it costs more to connect calls between destinations with traditional telephony systems. Long distance calling too is much cheaper, Through our Industry leading partners Impact Technology Group is able to offer up to 50% off international calls to select countries.


Our VOIP phone systems also include a number of built-in features that many standard phone companies either offer at an additional price or don’t offer at all. Some of the many features of our VOIP solutions include:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Divert – Send incoming calls to other numbers
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Ring back – Repeatedly rings busy or occupied lines until you get through
  • Voicemail – Ability to access voicemail remotely via email or web portal as well as being able to organize voicemail into folders
  • Conference Calling
  • Portability – any Internet-enabled device can be used to send and receive calls. If you’re moving office all you need to do is move your equipment as our VOIP devices are plug-and-play
  • Upgradeability – Whereas expanding your business on a traditional telephone line would require the installation of new lines with the use of engineers, with VOIP, expansion is simply a case of upgrading software and bandwidth

Quality & Reliability

It was not too long ago that VOIP was criticized for having poor line quality as well as intermittently failing altogether. With advances in technology and internet speeds, these issues barely factor with today's technology and our VOIP services provide superior line quality and reliability over traditional telephone systems.


Switching to VOIP is an ideal way to cut costs. Improving phone technology is about making it easier to use, more efficient, functional and reliable. VOIP has all these areas covered and will certainly not let you down. We are able to port your numbers and cancel all your traditional lines and along with our cheaper VOIP rates we are in most cases able to move our clients to our Hosted platform without incurring additional costs.